2016 Westside Warriors Video Yearbook Digital Copy


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So we bet most of you are asking “where did this giant inflatable Warriors helmet come from?”
Well…… Our Warrior board is always looking for ways to put a smile on our players faces. What feels better then coming out to your name being announced while you’re running out of a huge inflatable helmet and all of your friends are cheering you on? Not much!!
We will always look for ways to improve our young Warriors football experience and add to the value of being part of our Warrior family.

Once again this year we have brought back our video yearbook where our kids get to introduce themselves on camera and tell the world what position they play and love.

This year our video yearbook will include:

– From our mini U8 Warriors on up.  Meet and get to know every single one of Warrior players and Cheerleaders.

-With the best highlights from this seasons games and events

– Follow The Warriors Senior Team as they prepare for the biggest game of their lives, The Warrior Homecoming @UBC. Our cameras will be everywhere (practices, meetings and games). You will be able to see the highs and lows of your favourite team. Our coaches will be mic’d up and you get an in-depth look at what it’s like to coach a new team with everything to prove and nothing to lose!!

The Warriors 2016 season will definately be one to remember. We are changing the game so let’s make it a year we will never forget!!

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