Fall Manager Duties (consider 2 managers if you feel is needed for amount of duties)

VMFL Team Snap

  • Check with club registrar regarding VMFL team Snap for your team  registrar.warriorsfootball@gmail.com
  • at any time Advise Club registrar if you have new players not on received VMFL Team Snap roster
  • input practice schedule onto your Team Snap, input dates like picture day etc on team snap
  • VMFL inputs game schedule, at times are late, if late input yourself but be aware once VMFL enters they often delete ones already in.(pls double check VMFL entries)
  • Throughout season you will be asked to pass on email’s to team re Club reminder
  • Club does NOT reimburse for your own set up of Team Snap or other applications you will have free of charge the  VMFL Team Snap (which may come later, you can set up free Team Snap and migrate when needed)

Deposit cheques/proof of age

  • The Club will collect proof of age and equipment and volunteer deposit cheques, double check your players have submitted same and be active in reminding/collecting those that have not.

Equipment fitting/handout:

  • Check with coaches to find out date of your team’s getting equipment, and see if you are needed to help with same.
  • Remind families, player needs to have a girdle, prior to any gear practices. MANDATORY to wear. Not provided by club (but Club will have some for sale)
  • Remind parents Club no longer provides loaner practice pants or jerseys (all were allowed to keep from past 2 years) if needed Club will have some to sell.

New/Later registering players:

  • if later registering player obtain ASAP, deposit cheques, and proof of age, check with coaches re equipment fitting once both cheques received.

Home games:

You need to ahead of time either ask for volunteers or if not working assign parents to roles for home games. (tracking sheet for whole season helps, one to use if wanted will be emailed to you)

You need non optional roles for each home game or you will be forfeited, arrange well ahead of time, for *Commissioner, easiest to have one (or 2) parent(s) do all season, there is commissioner training night pre season at VMFL in Surrey usually, if not to arrange training with the Club representative who did go to training.

  • 1 First Aid (needs to have training and is on team sideline for game)
  • 3 Chain Gang
  • *1 Commissioner
  • 1 Scoreboard
  • 1 Announcer (optional)
  • Play count (1 regular season, 2 playoffs ) check with your coach to see if needed for your division.   http://www.vmfl.ca/wp-content/uploads/sites/1110/2018/08/VMFL-10-play-form.pdf
  • set up if you are first game, 2+ parents, takes less than 30 min
  • take down if you are last game , 2+ parents , takes less than 30 min
  • Snack (optional) check with your coaches.
  • Concession/Warriors store..often are short volunteers to have open during your games, please encourage parents to volunteer for same.

Away Games

  • Make sure email sent (or team Snap has sent reminder with accurate information) re what time to arrive to game
  • To bring 3 verified rosters (check with coach if you are bringing or if coach is)
    • one for Commissioner, one for your team, one for opposing team–
  • If coaches want it have roster sheet (not verified one) done by ascending jersey numbers for the announcer at the game. http://www.vmfl.ca/wp-content/uploads/sites/1110/2018/08/VMFL-PA-roster-1.pdf
  • Volunteers needed for away games:
    • 1 First Aid (needs to have training and is on team sideline for game)
    • 1 10 play count (2 if in playoffs)
    • Snack -optional check with coaches



  • Remind families they need to complete 6 hours of volunteering to not have volunteer deposit cashed.
  • Keep track of  your game volunteer parents per game, and submit to Club Volunteer coordinator at end of season.

Roster verification

Prior to first game of season VMFL will verify the proof of age roster, complete same on VMFL form and make sure you have hard copy proof of age for each player on your roster and that they are the right age.       http://www.vmfl.ca/wp-content/uploads/sites/1110/2018/08/VMFL-Official-Roster-sheet.pdf

  • The verified roster is then photocopied and three copies need to be brought to each home and away game (check with coaches to see if they will do this task or request you to do)


If your team has travel (usually just Bantam and Midget teams)  to the Interior or Vancouver Island.

Check with Midget Manager or the Club to see if the Club is arranging your teams travel or if you are to arrange


  • Get quotes, and availability from bus companies, submit to Club President or vice president. For Island travel from ferry we request school bus.
  • Club President or Vice will have Treasurer complete payment.

Island bus company we use most (we book school bus): Wilson Bus http://wilsonstransportation.com/

Mainland bus company we use most: Perimeter Bus (ask for Linda if still there) http://www.perimeterbus.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIo5q03pXS3wIVhyCtBh026Q6gEAAYASAAEgLCHPD_BwE

  • If parents/others would like to travel on the bus, check to see how many seats you have available and then they are charged $25.00 per seat for round trip for Island travel and $50.00 per round trip for Interior travel,  and need to in advance have done e transfer to club Treasurer (contact club for email re same)


  • You need to reserve 7 days or more in advance for the group rate (don’t need an exact number or to pay ahead of time) call to book , ask for luggage cart 1-888-223-3779
  • Pass all confirmations etc to your coaches.
  • ****You need a parent or coach to pay for the team’s ferry tickets both ways and submit receipt to the Club registrar.warriorsfootball@gmail.com for full reimbursement.
  • Club pays for all players, and official coaches fares only. (parking is not paid for)

Players need to arrive on their own to the ferry terminal, bus is provided from ferry to game and back to ferry.

If parents/others would like to travel on the bus, they are charged  per seat for round trip and need to in advance have done e transfer to club Treasurer (contact club for email re same)