• U8   (2014, 2015) – 5-Man Co-ed Flag is a five on five no-contact football game that runs in the VMFL from late August to late October every year. Each team comprises of around 7-11 players and 1 game is played every weekend during the season. This age group also participates in a few mini tournaments during the season.
  • Atom (2012, 2013) – 9-man Co-ed Flag. Players will wear protective football equipment and FLAGS on the hips. Blocking will be allowed at the line of scrimmage. There will be no tackling.  The ball carrier whose flag is removed by defensive player will be considered tackled.


  • Peewee (2010, 2011) – This will be either 9man or 12man with standard Canadian football rules.  This division is for 10 and 11 years. Players at this level start to learn greater details of how to play the game of football and learn more detailed techniques.
  • Junior Bantam (2008, 2009) –  As with Peewee this division plays 12man or 9man depending on number of registered players. Players in this level are 12 and 13 years old.  Here the passing game begins to develop along with the learning of schemes and bigger playbooks.
  • Bantam (2006, 2007) – For players 14 and 15 years old.  As with the other divisions, the game may be 12man or 9man depending on registration.  Players will be challenged by their coaches to see translate the practices to game success
  • Midget  (2004, 2005) -.    The Midget level has produce some of the most exciting football including many of the last VMFL finals and Provincial games.

Game Schedule

  • Fall Flag: August – November
  • Fall Tackle: August – November


2020  Practices schedules were as below.

Flag(U8) & Atom(U10) Tuesdays/Thursdays: 6:00pm – 7:30pm* (this is tentative days/times may change)

PeeWee(U10) & ages 12+ Tuesdays/Thursdays: 6:00pm – 8:00pm*  (this is tentative days/times may change)

  • A third practice for Tackle Divisions is usually added on Saturday morning or afternoon, decided by coach.
  • In the Fall when it is too dark, Time/Days may change as location changes to a lit field. Coaches will notify you.

Practices Take Place At Carnarvon Park   (Late/mid Sept is move to a  lit  field.)

Carnarvon Park – View on map

Point Grey Turf – View on map

Games (approx.) – 8-10 regular season games beginning early September – five home games and five away games held in the Lower Mainland.

Equipment – all equipment is provided by the club except cleats, football girdle & practice jersey & practice pants, football gloves and mouth guard.


The Westside Warrior Cheer program is broken into three age categories of Atom (6-8 year olds), Peewee (9-11 year olds), Jr. Bantam (12-14 year olds).

During the football season all cheerleaders participate on game days for their respective teams usually at home and occasionally they will travel to away games. As well when football teams make the playoffs the associated cheer squad will follow their team including final playoff games at various fields as required.  Near the end of the tackle season, The team will partake in the annual cheer competition against other local cheer squads which will be held at a lower mainland high school

This is one of the fastest growing games in Canada and the Vancouver Warriors have been a leader since the first season of play in BC. 5 on 5 Flag Football is a non-contact Co-ed sport that runs in the Lower Mainland during April, May & early June. Each team comprises of around 8-12 players and games are played over five-weekend jamborees with each jamboree consisting of multiple games during the day.

  • U8- 2014, 2015 
  • U10 –  2012 2013
  • U12 –  2010, 2011
  • U14 –  2008, 2009
  • U16 –   2006, 2007
  • U19 –  2003, 2004, 2005
  • All teams are Co-ed, we also usually have  all girls teams as well for all ages.


Anyone can play. The program is designed to develop core skills for Running, Passing, Catching, and Footwork. All players will benefit from the additional field time and ball touches but faster athletes will excel in this fast paced open field atmosphere.

If you are unsure, don’t be. Flag football is tons of fun! We encourage all potential players to join us for a practice and try it out!!


The season consists of five weekend (either a Saturday or Sunday) sets of games at various parks starting at the end of April and running through May (except the Victoria Day long weekend).


2022 fees  TBD
(2020 fees $275 see below for what was included in 2020)

What’s included?
ALL League Mandatory Player Insurance & Registration fees  ( BCCFA, BCPFAA & Football Canada Fees)
 2 Jerseys, Home & Away and one Game Shorts   *Please indicate correct size when registering*

Volunteering– The Vancouver Warriors Football Club is a community-based club that depends on a hard-working volunteer board, coaches, managers, coordinators, etc. Please pitch in and help, particularly
on game day. Families are expected to do 6 hours of volunteering, If you would like to fill a specific role, please contact any one of the board members for more information.